Search Party

by MercyWorship

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released November 1, 2016



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MercyWorship Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: The Only Truth
What can i compose, a poem or a prose,
that which hasn't reached heavens ears?
What could i design, with this fragile mind
to offer up to the Author of my life?

Who am I that You’d be mindful of me?

So I stand, In awe of You
Silenced, I behold You
You say now I belong to You
and my heart You make new
You’re the life, You’re the way
You’re the only truth

What can my heart pray, what else could I say,
to move the reigning heart of eternity?
what could i lay down, what could i sacrifice
that hasn’t first been freely given to me?

What could i discover of Your mystery
that which hasn’t been made known to me?
Track Name: Roses
yesterday feels like
a black and white photograph
and i promise i wont think
about a single thing you’ve said to me
i know you never meant hurt me

so i hold these roses to
my face and take them in
ill fall into this moment now
i fix my eyes up to the skies
and take them in
as everything else begins to fade

as surely as life goes
on and as the skies
reflect the burdens of
the broken seasons of our lives
wont let my shadows chase me

im burning them away
the things you never meant to say
the colors bleed out to the edges
i dont feel the flames anymore
Track Name: Firefight
say again
that You love me
i am in need
of life giving words
(you step into the line of sight)

i regress
im in distress
like a poorly written song
running out of chords

i fear the night that comes after me

you come like the daylight
to these newborn eyes
you step into this firefight
push me aside
oh i oh i dont understand

what did
you see in me that
you would let me in
through these doors

this peace
that you give me
that i could never
possibly afford
Track Name: My Everything
No one ever said that this
Would be easy
Just that it would go
Exactly as planned by You

You give me everything
That I could ever need cos
You are my, You are my, You are my everything
You are my, You are my, You are my everything

I fix myself upon the path
Straight and narrow
You called me by my name
So I will love, I will go

You’ve shown me love
That I could never not declare, no
You are my everything
You are my everything

Light of the world, let Your glory shine
May Your love be the cause, of everything I do in life
Just like the heavens sing of Your design
I lift my voice to One who gives me life

When I am broken down and
Feeling like I’m useless
You remind me that
I was made, made by You
Track Name: Father's Heart
Lord You know every thought
You know every word
The ways of my heart
You’ve seen all my sin
The people I’ve hurt
What can I hide?

All that I’ve done
The times that I’ve failed
You know them well
The mistakes that I’ve made
When I turned from Your grace
But You make me change

Because You love
With an undying love
Now I know my Father’s heart
Because You’ve loved me so

Love, I need Your embrace
The smile on Your face
Is all that seek
To not break Your heart
To know who You are
Is all that I want

All that You’ve done
To call me Your son
Removing all of my shame
You clothe me in white
And the stains of this life
Are gone without a trace

Sings my soul
To the One
Who gave it all
Track Name: Refuge (Psalm 23)
You are the refuge that I seek
You are the moment in day
when I find peace
You lead me by still waters
when I’m drowning in my day
And I call Your name
Lord You let me know
just how much You care

You are the lover of my soul
You are the one who gives me life
You saved me from my sin
Now I belong to only,
only You

You will forever be my portion
When I’m surrounded
When I am lost I look to You
You lead me by still waters
When I’m drowning in my day
When I call Your name
Lord you let me know
Just how much You care

the Lord is my Shepherd
I lack nothing
Track Name: Love of God
C2 G/B
Love writes His songs on my heart
songs of peace, that cast out fear
You draw me close, You hold me near

Am G/B C2
and You tell me, ever so gently
that I am Yours and You are mine
forever Yours, forever mine

there is no height nor depth
not a thing in all creation
that can separate us now
from the Love of God
not even life nor death
nor the angels or the demons
can take away the price you paid
there on the cross

The river of love, runs into me
flooding my heart, Your blood runs deep
You take my hands, You carry me